easibirthing® / Hypnobirthing teaches you to use relaxation, visualization, self hypnosis, and breathing techniques as well as pain management skills, and to boost your confidence helping to prepare you in mind and body for the birth of your baby, and helping you to maintain the perception of control during the process with a positive pain-less expectation of birth.

With easibirthing® you will go into labour feeling Calm, Confident and in Control.

These are the benefits of the easibirthing® method:

  • The reduction or elimination of fear, and the ability to remain relaxed
  • Lessening the experience of pain while being aware of the uterine contractions but able to determine the extent to which you feel the sensations
  • Shorten the time by reducing anxiety during each stage of labour
  • Increasing positive emotions during the birth process
  • Significantly reducing the need for medication and thereby eliminating the risks and post delivery effects for both mother and baby
  • Your baby will feel calm coming into the world
  • easibirthing® helps to create an experience that has positive and happy memories

easibirthing® / Hypnobirthing courses are held in Belper in Derbyshire.
Session 1 is the introductory class and costs £35 per person and lasts about one and a half hours.
Sessions 2 & 3, the advanced classes, last about 3 hours costing £85 for the 2 classes
with discounts for attending partners (£153 per couple).

The ideal time for expectant mothers and partners to take this course is between 34 and 37 weeks gestation. I am happy to work with one couple at a time or small groups, and to arrange times to fit in with you.

  • CDs will be for sale so that you can continue to practise right up to the time of the birth
  • Please contact by phone on 01773 599034 or e-mail Brenda Harte


Find out more about the easibirthing® method for teaching Hypnosis in Childbirth by clicking the logo to the left or browsing to www.easibirthing.co.uk, where you will also find Brenda’s easibirthing® Practitioner Details