Most hypnotherapists use regression; past life regression is one of the most misunderstood forms of therapy, and probably one of the most powerful therapeutic interventions along with rebirthing and transgenerational regression. The causes of many stress related and emotional problems, as well as many dysfunctional behaviour patterns, can very often be traced back into this lifetime, but also back into events and traumas which have occurred in past lives and even to predecessors. These include such issues as : Anxiety states, panic attacks, depression, fears, phobias, lack of confidence, obsessional behaviour, physical illnesses, relationship problems, etc. The benefits to you are immense and quite often life changing. Regression can also be used as a means of bringing thoughts and feelings from the past into the present to help to enhance your life and to heal past life traumas.

Past Life workshops are held regularly for anyone who wants to find out what it’s like to be regressed, and to discover just a little about several past lives in a safe and comfortable environment.  If you come alone an evening workshop costs £20.00, but if you can get a small group of three or four friends together I will give you a generous discount.  Workshops are not run on a therapeutic basis, but if you discover something about yourself that may answer a previously unasked question, further therapeutic sessions can easily be booked and it is fascinating what you can find out about yourself.  The secrets of the past are the revelations of the present.

I have many tools in my tool-bag from my extensive training and experience in hypnotherapy.  Why not ring me to arrange a FREE half hour consultation to see how I can help you.

HealHealing and Reclaiming the Inner Childing and Reclaiming the Inner Child

The three important things about this therapy are:-

  1. The speed with which people change.
  2. The depth of that change.
  3. The creativity and self-empowerment that results when childhood wounds are healed.

Primarily used with adult traumas from childhood sexual abuse, Inner Child Therapy is highly effective for healing any childhood trauma or abuse, and can help clients suffering from a wide range of emotionally related issues.