If you want to stop smoking but are finding it difficult, hypnotherapy and EFT will help you. It can be hard to stop the smoking habit with willpower alone, but with hypnosis used therapeutically you will get the help you need. The cravings will decrease and eventually go away altogether. The very thought of smoking will be far less appealing to you, and you will not even want to smoke again.

Using hypnotherapy and EFT to help you to become a non-smoker is a very effective and fast way to give up the habit and it really works.

Do you want to change your life to become a non smoker? Are you ready to make the changes? I can help you to change your ways and to keep the change; making you a happier, healthier and wealthier non-smoker.

Just think, if you smoke 20 a day you will be saving approximately £237.00 per month. Now think what you could do with that lovely money, it would be quite a saving over a year.

Hypnotherapy uses the power of your mind; helping you to find healthy and enjoyable alternatives; building your confidence and self esteem; and helping you to feel completely committed to living a healthier and happier life as a non-smoker.

If you want to change your ways and are committed to becoming a non-smoker, hypnosis really will help you to give up for good. So take the first step to becoming a non-smoker today by contacting me for an initial chat and to arrange for your smoking cessation session. The cost is reasonable and if you do want to smoke again within three months you will be able to have a booster session free of charge.